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03-16-2019, 01:54
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03-11-2019, 21:49 Odpowiedzi: 3

As I cant explain it in written polish (Only by voice), I need to give my explanation in English, please use translate if it is unclear.

You were banned permanently because of keeping ignoring administration after several mutes and exclusions. I gave you several chances to stop your arguing about the decisions taken, but you kept ignoring and being arrogant, which we cannot allow on the server, as you are only a guest/player.

The ban may be changed from Perm to a week ban from now on, but I am not sure if I can do it, else mefix needs to update that in the database, so it can take affect properly.

Have a nice day

Best regards

skarga na aleksander jakis tam

03-09-2019, 23:50 Odpowiedzi: 8

(03-09-2019, 06:13)bugi napisał(a): Zawsze można sprawdzić demko, było około 10 osób i nie widziałem żeby kto kolwiek narzekał.

It does not matter anyway, he uses inappropriate language in his application and in his answer, so he is not taking his situation seriously, Furthermore, he kept going on today on the server about this all the time he was online, so he has been excluded permanently, for not listing at all and keeping ignoring the administration.

skarga na aleksander jakis tam

03-09-2019, 02:40 Odpowiedzi: 8

(03-09-2019, 02:31)bugi napisał(a): Ja powiem tylko, że mutowac czy coś powinno się raczej tylko wtedy jak naprawdę wymaga tego sytuacja albo oponent utrudnia grę innym, ale z muzyką którą puszczał Jacob wszyscy się dobrze bawili, i dosłownie każdy zgadywał jaką muzyke puszcza w danym momencie, bo robił to w formie quizu i piszczał po 10s piosenki a "publiczność" zgadywała. Na serwerze nie było wtedy wielu osób bo zaledwie 8-10, więc nie było powodu żeby go mutować ponieważ rozluźnił atmosferę na serwerze i nie utrudniał gry innym.

Sadly there is some misinformation. There were at least 15 people at that time and few actually complained in the chat, and I didn't know what was going on, but heard the music, so the decision was rightful no matter what. But I was a nice person who unmuted, it was his decision to act disrespectfully and insulting towards the administration, was the fact of the exclusion on the server.

Arenka 1v1 - Hax

03-09-2019, 01:47 Odpowiedzi: 3

Hello Fusion,

It appears that he has gotten a Vac ban on his account, which means that he cannot join the server anymore.

Best regards,

skarga na aleksander jakis tam

03-09-2019, 01:11 Odpowiedzi: 8

Hello Jacob,

I need to write in English as my Polish wont make any sense.

I joined the server this evening, and heard that you were playing music, some people enjoyed it where others got annoyed by it, so I muted you for 30 min in order for you to stop doing it. Some of your friends  then wished the un-mute, then I as a nice guy and un-muted you so you could continue speaking, but without the music. (I proposed you could join a TS and then play the music there). But instead of enjoying and continue playing, you went on arguing the mute, I choose just to tell you to stop it and continue playing the game.

On the next map, I wanted to ask Bugi regarding something, where you choose to disrespect and insult me out of the blue air, that kind of behavior cant be tolerated. So you got a 3 hour ban for innapropriate langauge towards the administration. (What bugi said about insulting incl. mother or whatever that was, is still not tolerated, you can insult your friends/pals, but not strangers that you do not know, and especially admins which you dont know.
You need to be aware that you are playing on a Private server, where you need to follow the authorities words, you are only a guest/player playing on the server. Please keep that in mind in the future.

So a good advice for the future, instead of disrespecting, try to act nice, and ask instead of going all arrogant and thinking that you can begin disrespecting the administration.  

Mefix will check this complain, please keep the topic clear until mefix has responded.

Have a nice day

Best regards,